Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Knitting Relief & Homeschooling Inspiration

Linking up with Nicole for Keep Calm, Craft On and Ginny for the yarn along!

Last week I was bemoaning my Knitting Woes and this week I am singing a happier tune.  I bought new yarn...

And cast on a new project!  I have been needing a blue shawl.  It is funny, because blue is really not my favorite color, I like it, but you know... Anyway, I own a lot of blue clothes.  I think it is because I was in my youth in the late 80's and early 90's.  The era of black.  If I could I would wear all black, all the time.  But then you get comments like, "Where's the funeral?"  So I think I started wearing blue, because it felt like a relatively safe color... for someone who likes to wear black... a lot.

So I figured it was time to make a new shawl to match most of my wardrobe.  I saw this beautiful shall by Ysolda called Stac Shoaigh.  It is gorgeous and I can't wait to see it all finished.

As for reading, I am reading a ton!  You should see my nightstand right now.  But I thought I would just simply share with you this book that everyone is talking about. Give Your Child the World by Jamie Martin (of Simple Homeschool) put together this wonderful complication of literature for children which can transport them around the world!

I was particularly excited about it, because I thought it would go well with the middle school world studies unit I worked on many years ago.

So far I am very excited about it.  It looks amazing and I am looking forward to meeting some new books from her recommendations.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Knitting Woes

Joining with Nicole and Ginny to complain about my lack of progress.

I am so tried of this project.  
I.  AM. SO. TIRED. OF. IT.  
And I am not even halfway done.  Ugh.

What on earth was I thinking.  I am longing to knit, but I just can;t bring myself to pick it up.

You may recall I was feeling way earlier and so I decided to try making a pair of socks...

Yeah, that didn't go so well.  Apparently someone thought I needed help.  Luckily, I did find the missing needle that some pulled out.  *sniffle*

I am thinking something made with bulky yarn.  A quick project to feed that need to create something NOW.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Teddy Bear Bread

We used to do this every year.  August 1st was traditionally a time when people pulled in the wheat harvest, so in honor of that we would make a loaf of bread.  And just to make it a bit more fun we make it into the shape of a bear!

At first I only had one helper...

Then two...

And then three!

When the dough was finished each of the younger kids blessed the bread.


After it rose for a good long time, I shaped it into a teddy bear.  It rose for another hour, then I gave him some eyes, a nose, and a belly button.  He also got a nice little egg wash.

We had a rather full day full of fun, so by the time our teddy cooled poor Theo had fallen asleep and would not be woken up.  So we saved him some after the others tore into the bread.

I, of course, did not have any, but I assure you it looked very good and smelled delicious!