Wednesday, July 23, 2014

{yarn along} July 21, 2014

I finished it!  I gave a little sneak peak of it in my daybook on Monday, but I finished Posy's first sweater.... well, other than I am short one button.  We will see when I can get off my duff and go buy more.  I love how I will have to buy a strip of seven just for one.  But I will make use of them!

I really like this pattern and have made a few.  It is a simple straight forward cardigan but with the buttons off to the side give it a bit of a more fun look.  It is a great sweater pattern for beginners, for sure!!

I just started a little pair of socks for her, since everything I want to make for her seems to require DK weight yarn and next week is payday.  Actually I have books I want to get too... oh the quandary!  Books or yarn?  Yarn or books?

Speaking of the written word I am almost done with Pope Awesome and Other Stories.  I am really enjoying this book!  It had me almost laughing out loud in the dentist waiting room, making everyone look up from the electronic devices and wonder who the crazy lady is laughing at paper.

I am also reading  The Sinner's Guide to Natural Family Planning.  I am also really enjoying Simcha's perspective on this.  NFP has always been hard for me and so reading through her thoughts and those from Jennifer Fulwiler in Something Other Than God, have really helped me keep my focus and prepare me for that lovely post-partum period of uncertainty that will hit me sometimes in late October.... or with my luck early November.  Anyway, it is a nice reminder of WHY NFP is so important.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

More Saint Dolls & a Cake Topper

The other day was Buttercup's 8th birthday and I wanted to make some more saint dolls for her, since I was unable to pull off a pillow case in time.  Don't worry, she will get one, just late!

From left to right: 
Saint Dominic Savio, Saint Josephine Bakhita, Saint Lucy, a priest, and Saint Dymphna.

 From the side-back: St. Josephine, Saint Lucy, St. Zita, and St. Dymphna

I was a little disappointed in my Saint Josephine.  The paint would not smooth out, but I have to remind myself that these are for the kids to play with and perfection is not the goal.  Right?  Right!

I also made her a little family, but her complaint was that there was not enough children.  So apparently I need to get cracking and make about 7 more according to the consensus around here.  Only two kids? That is weird in this house!

And lastly, I made her a cake topper.  They are not just for bride's anymore!  I thought this would make a great tradition as well.  Everyone gets a cake topper of themselves for their birthday.

Another thing I did this time, was I made sure to take a fine point pen and write what saint or person they are and the year on the bottom.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Amy Caroline's Daybook ~ July 21, 2014

Outside my window...
Hot, but not as hot as it got last week!  We reached 105 degrees which o this pregnant lady felt more like 501.

I am thankful for...
For all of the generous people who prayed for and donated money to the Snodgrass family.  So grateful and overwhelmed by all of the love people have sent to this family.

I am thinking about...
School next year.  We got really behind last year.  It was not our best homeschooling year and I want to make sure that this next year we stay focused!  With a new baby on the way in October that will be a challenge.  Thinking maybe we should pick a patron saint for our school year, someone to inspire and pray for us!

From the kitchen...
It is too hot to cook.  But I am doing my best.  We celebrated a birthday the other day and there was a lot of baking going on, which made the house hot, hot, hot!  But it was all worth it!

I am creating...
I just finished Posy's first sweater!  I am actually itching to get going on something else, but everything I want to make is DK weight yarn and I don't think I have enough!

I also brought back up the old Knit Together Designs page for all of Lily and my patterns.  I have been trying to fix links and such over there and linking everything up to Ravelry again.

Oh, and in lunatic fashion, I created an excel file with my top ten choices for the baby's name.  It includes popularity ratings, saint feast days, and what they are the patron of.  Further proof the heat has gone to my brain.

I am reading...
I just finished Something Other Than God, which I loved.  I needed this book, badly.  Now I am diving into POPE Pope Awesome and Other Stories and The Sinner's Guide to Natural Family Planning.  No romance novels this week... but it is only Monday.  

I am praying for...
The Snodgrass family and this little bundle growing and growing.  27 weeks!

Extremely attractive shot of my 27 week belly.  I thought, hey, everyone does the chin down,
let's see what I look like to the kids!
I am hearing...
The kid's playing.  No one is screaming, no one is fighting.  But, the day isn't over yet!  :)

Around the house...
Tony is putting a small window air conditioner into the teen's room.  We have air conditioning (kind of), but he unit isn't big enough and it gets really hot in the newer part of the house!  So until we can figure out where to get the money for a bigger ac unit, this will have to do. This time of year with the heat brings out the grumpies, so I am looking forward to smiling faces.

One of my favorite things...
the fact my husband didn't leave me when I took a pair of his favorite old sweatpants and cut them into shorts... for me!  It was so hot and they were old, so I figured...  Hey, they fit me, ok?  I'll get him a new pair... someday.

A few plans this week...
Oh my, so much!  Two dentist appointments, chiropractor appointment for Daisy, a funeral, doctor appointment for Tony.... OH!  And renewing his driver's license.  

So, we lost his birth certificate.  Yes, and apparently two of the kids' certificates too.  Don't ask me.  So in order to renew your driver's license you have to have your birth certificate.  In order to order your birth certificate you have to have a valid ID.  His ID expired, whoops.  So.... I had to order his birth certificate.  When the birth certificate came a week later, it was not for my husband!  Even though the birth certificate we did get was for a man 4 years younger than Tony, we decided it would be best to get the right one.  We are finally in possession of the correct birth certificate, and now we can get his driver's license renewed.

It is always some kind of adventure over here!

A Picture Thought...

She woke up and trotted in wearing her big sister's headband, pleased as punch with herself.  In the background, proof that laminate flooring sucks.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Please Join Me in Helping a Family in Need

Please head over here: Shower of Roses: Please Join Me in Helping a Family in Need to help this very deserving family after the loss of their precious daughter.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Prayer Request

Last night I got some terrible news about a fellow homeschool mom and friend.  Her family is suffering a great loss.  Their two year old has passed on after a terrible household accident.  She is in the arms of Jesus now and I ask that you join me in prayer for her family.

Borrowed from Jessica at Shower of Roses:

O Tender Heart of Jesus, please have mercy on my dear friend's grieving heart! She has lost her child, and her soul is flooded with tears. And yet she knows that Thou hast not abandoned her. Thou art with her always. Thou hast triumphed over death, so that through Sanctifying Grace, death is not the end of life, but only the beginning of a life of eternal joy and peace. Help her, O Lord, in this time of sorrow, to find consolation in knowing her child is now a saint and enjoys the perfect happiness of living with Thee in Heaven. 

O Mary, my Sorrowful Mother, who gazed in sorrow at the sight of thy Son dying on the Cross, please pray for my dear friend and her family in their time of grief. Help them to find peace and comfort in trusting in our merciful Father’s love. May this trial serve to strengthen the bond between their sorrowing hearts, to unite them even more closely to each other, and to deepen their faith and trust in God our Father. Though their sweet child is lost to them in this life, may they know the unutterable joy of meeting their child again in Heaven. 

Blessed Zelie Martin, mother of St. Therese the Little Flower, you experienced profound grief when you held four of your children in your arms as they breathed their last breath. Assist my dear friend in her grief, for she too has lost a child. You knew deep sorrow, yet you never grew bitter or angry against God, but always trusted in His infinite mercy and love. Help her to trust Him too. Your faith assured you that your little ones were happy in Heaven, and you found consolation in knowing they were watching over your family and praying for you. Help her, too, to be strengthened by her Catholic Faith, and to find joy in knowing that her precious child is now enjoying the peace and joy of Heaven. 

All ye heavenly Angels and Saints, pray for them! Pray for their grieving family! May they never forget to pray to the little member of their family who is watching over them from Heaven. Amen. 

Friday, July 11, 2014

Do You Know What Causes That?

The other day I was trudging through Fred Meyer with my five youngest under ten and pregnant.  I promised them a treat and while they wanted some creamy goodness from the corner drive-thru coffee stand, I thought it would be cheaper to find something at the store. 

Truth is I rarely take the youngest out all by myself.  One thing about having teenagers who don’t like to leave the house is there is generally someone there to watch the younger crowd.  But not this day.

Overwhelmed, I was charging up and down, desperate to find where they hid the juice and then wondering if the reason they would house all the candy in the store right across the aisle from the Juicy Juice was to torture poor mothers like me.  Grabbing the Capri Sun, because it was on sale, I turned around and started heading to the check out line.

I saw out of the corner of my eye an elderly woman with short curly white hair.  She was tall, thin, and dressed in hot pink capris and a white top.  I saw her counting the kids and all I could think was, “Not now, please not now.”  I was not in the mood.  I felt frantic and I had to go pick up the older kids from singing lessons.  I just wanted to get out of that store and back in the 12-passenger van we “lovingly” call the Silver Beast.

I saw her open her mouth, heard the word, “Wow…” and I booked it.  I didn’t want to smile and act sweet and say, “Yes, I do know what causes that and guess what?  I have three more that aren’t even here.”  I felt cranky and snide and I did NOT want to hear it right then.

As we neared the front of the store, my ten year old said, “Mom, did you hear what that lady said?”

I grumbled a no.

He answered, “She said, wow, what a beautiful family.” 

I literally stopped and turned and looked at him.  I stood there in the front of Fred Meyer with my mouth opening and closing like a fish.  A million thoughts ran through my mind in that moment and I chocked out, “Really?  That was so nice.”

We got in the car and I passed out the juice and bananas.  We made it back to the lessons with time to spare and I gave them all another juice and another banana. 

I thought back to the store.  You see, my kids, they were being good.  Ok, someone probably mentioned the candy across the aisle.  Probably a somewhat innocent comment about what kind of candy is that, in hopes that I would grab it and say something like, “Let us buy this red colored goo and find out!”

The baby and the three year old were in the cart, the five and seven year old were dutifully holding on to the cart, and the ten year old was following behind me and helping me every step of the way.  They were being good.

I was not.

I was pouting.  I was the one waiting for something bad to happen.  I was the one tearing through the store like a raging she-boar.

Yes, we all make mistakes, but as a mom to almost nine, I know better than anyone else that I maybe the only representative people will ever meet of a Catholic family open to life.  Do I want people to see me as a frazzled maniac?  Well, maybe I am sometimes, but it was a good reminder that sometimes the problem isn’t your noisy kid at church. 

Truth is when I hear a baby cry anywhere, whether it is in the grocery store or at mass, I am compelled to smile with sympathy and love.  I have been there many, many times.  I also know how quickly those interruptions at mass grow up.

Sometimes, I hate to admit, the problem is me.  Sometimes, it is me waiting for the other shoe to drop.  And if you are too busy waiting for disaster you miss out on the fact that life is actually a gift. 

Simply, you miss out on the joys.

I guess we all need a reminder once in awhile to stop and bear in mind that the vocation of motherhood is not an easy one, but there is no point in making it harder than it really is.  The blessings far out weigh any challenges.

So yesterday when a sweet woman asked me how many kids I had and after I answered almost nine, I was still able to smile and laugh when she asked if I knew what caused that and if I was done yet.  (I also want to mention it was 105 degrees out and my feet were swelling beyond the capacity of my Birkenstocks. Yes, I wear Jesus shoes, especially when pregnant!)  I answered her that yes, we do know what causes that and actually we are pretty good at it… obviously.  *wink*

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

{yarn along} July 9, 2014

I have not been doing much knitting.  It is hot which makes me rather not in the mood to handle yarn.  But I keep thinking about that this poor sweet baby girl on the way, whose blog name will likely be Posy, and nothing hand knit just for her!

So today I am going to try and be a good girl and finish this little sweater.  And then plan something fun to knit next.  She will be born in October (hopefully!!) so it will be nice and crisp, perfect for lots of knitted goodness.

I just finished the romance novel An Offer From a Gentleman.  I know, I know.  It is a guilty pleasure.  I enjoy Julia Quinn since she is so light hearted.  This one was a fun little Cinderella story.  Quinn is always good read for an emotional pregnant lady!  I am just starting Something Other Than God.  I LOVE it so far.  I "knew" Jennifer back when her blog was The Reluctant Atheist and I was Another Catholic Mom... a decade ago!  It is so fun to see how far she has come and what a wonderful path she is on.

So hopefully next week I will have a new project to share with you and we will see if I read any more trashy romance novels I found at the library.