Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Yarn Along ~ February 25, 2015

I am so excited to be doing a yarn along again!  It has been way to loooong.

Anyway, I recently finished a Flax sweater for Theo.  The color was so wonderful to work with.  I wanted something blue to match his eyes, but they didn't have enough, so I settled on this rich shade of Madelinetosh Vintage in Esoteric.  I also made him a new Teddy bear hat, since his old one was getting too small!

 The sweater was so cute on him that I knew I would have to take the yarn I had sitting and waiting for something since I frogged my reward so long ago and make one for Eva!  It is looking a bit... ummm... raggedy, but I am staying hopeful... I think.

As for reading... Well, you can see my nightstand is full.  Books, devotionals, my prayer journal, a board book for Eva: Pride & Prejudice: A BabyLit®Counting Primer
... all books I don't seem to have time to read!  Well except the board book.
That doesn't take too long.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Giving Up on Facebook

Well, I dropped the ball, didn't I?  Wow, things got super stressful last week.  I was tossing and turning and downright miserable.  I felt like the dorky posts I was putting up from my phone every evening were hardly worthy of being called posts anyways!

So I missed a day.  Sundays, are off of course.

Sunday.  Ah Sunday.

There was so much stress and worry going on in my life last week that I could hardly sleep.  I have been running and running like crazy.  Even Sunday was going to be busy and when I woke up that morning, cup of coffee in my hand, I thought, "Oh!  I can pop on Facebook and see what's up!"

Big mistake.

I gave up being on Facebook for Lent.  I would still post pictures from Instagram and keep people updated on the blog, but not get on Facebook directly.  I even stated quite clearly that was what I was going to do.

So you can imagine my shock when two people questioned my Lenten sacrifice right under pictures of my kids posted from Instagram.

I was so hurt and after a week of stress and worry having someone questioning my devotion and relationship with God hit really hard... right in the heart.  I tried to ignore it all morning.  I felt tears, but I refused to give into them... until about a half hour before we had to leave for CCD and Adult Bible Study before mass.

Of course, right?  That would be the perfect time.  Everyone is fed, dressed, brushed (hair and teeth), socked and shoed, except me.  I am still in my pjs, my hair in a haphazard pony tail (or something closely resembling aforementioned hairstyle), and not one stitch of make up. 

That would be the perfect moment to have a complete meltdown.

I wanted to go.  I needed to go.  That Adult Bible Study has been such a blessing and on top of it our priest was going to be there leading us in a discussion on the synod on family!

I curled up in a ball on the bed and Tony walked slowly in, crawls up next to me, and pulls me into a big warm embrace.  The safest place in the world.  My most favorite place, to be exact.  He listens to me go on and on as I come to the conclusion that some people just use Facebook to hurt people.  They probably don't even realize it half the time.  Whether it is jealousy or pure ignorance, I don't know.  Who knows, maybe I have done it.  I hope and pray that I have not, but let's face it, we probably all have unintentionally.

One thing was clear, I had to slow down.  Which was really not an option, but I had to look seriously at what I was doing and what could be let go of and what could not.  I realized with a very sad heart that I had not even been home for the last several nights to put my youngest kiddos to bed.  That was heartbreaking!

And perhaps, expecting to write 40 posts in 40 days was overly ambitious for someone who decided maybe she should give up blogging because she didn't have any time to do it... at least the way she wanted to.

So, I will try and post more often, because I have a lot of great things to record and remember here.  But everyday?  I am no Superwoman, darnit all. 

Well, and as for the people who judged all over me on Facebook and made me cry.  I forgive you, but... as a friend told me, my lenten sacrifice is between me and God.  It is not for anyone to say whether it is enough or if I am doing it right. 

As for Facebook?  Well, I won't post anymore Instagram photos to my feed till Lent is over and at this point, after that debacle, I don't know if I will get back on.  I am actually kind of enjoying not being on it!  So I am not sure that was much of a sacrifice anyway!

So don't expect a post every day.  I have some decent posts on the horizon, I promise, not just photos of my kid's food.  Well, maybe.  I make no promises.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Revisiting Cousins

You all have to forgive me for cheating by posting some old pictures from 2009.  But I have some very good reasons.  Today I got the wonderful opportunity to celebrate a friend's birthday with a great group of ladies at a tea house!  There was so much laughter and I had an amazing shrimp louie salad.  If you are ever up in Gold Hill check out The Teapot on Wheels!

Then I came home and helped Tony get a new cell phone because his old iPhone decided to take a swim in the toilet.

Afterwards we came home and I had this weird feeling in the back of my throat.  Yeah.  Not what I want to have happen at all. And I have a doTerra party tomorrow.  I want to make a bath bomb!
So, I am sharing with you pictures of my wonderful nephew from the last time they visited from Nebraska.  I can't believe it has been 6 years!  I miss them so much.  My nephew has been in my thoughts and prayers a lot lately.  He has had some wonderful things happen in the last few months.  he graduated from university!  He got engaged!  And it looks like some things are on the horizon and he could really use lost of prayers.  When I can share more I will, but would you please pray for him?

Liam looked up to his cousin the moment they set eyes on each other.  It was so wonderful for this momma's heart to see how age difference doesn't always mean that much when it comes to buddies.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Swim Lessons and Carb City

Today was the last day of the kid's swim lesson term. There was lots of fun and after there was a potluck...

Tony and I ate at home.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Ash Wednesday 2015

We had an insane day, which is rarely anything new...

Possibly one of the worst pictures taken of me, but hey, gotta show off my ashes!

Some of the kids were sick, some had school, some had work, as did dad.  I ended up having to borrow a car, but we made it to mass!

It was kind of good to be stuck at home, since we have been battling this evil cold, we have gotten really behind in school.  So today we learned, learned, and learned some more.  We colored, we read, we did all the awesome things.

And I totally waited till the last second, but I did finish our annual Lenten Calendar last night before Gilmore Girls and bed.

Mom for the WIN!

And a post needs to end with a beautiful baby smiling at her daddy, right?

Monday, February 16, 2015

3 Reasons I Blog

It took me one week.  One simple week to figure out why I still want to blog, after I had prayed and assured myself for weeks that I didn’t want to anymore.  I couldn’t figure it out for so long.  Why I wanted to blog.  I felt guilty for not posting.  I was sad because I didn’t have a lot of readers (that I know about at least).  I felt like there was no point.

In that one week I realized that:

1.     I like writing.  I have far more time to write a blog post than the great American novel.  Maybe when I am sixty I will write that novel, for now, I can get my fix right here in my little corner of the web.
2.     It doesn’t have to be a popularity contest.  That is the hard one, right?  You think, gee, I love blogging and I see that people make money doing this, so why can’t I?  And then it starts to spiral into thinking of ways to get more followers and looking at ebooks on blogging, and rethinking the whole reason you started blogging in the first place.  THEN, if you are anything like me, you start thinking, I should shell out money for this, so I can get more readers with a fancier blog and a better web address… And then, like me, you become quickly overwhelmed (especially after seeing it can cost $1800 or more to get someone to design a webpage for you), and, finally, throw up your hands and think FORGET IT
3.     I want to document these moments, not just to inspire others (that is simply a bonus), but for my own poor memory.  Ask anyone who knows me… I have a hideous memory.

I have 9 kids.  Ranging in age from 20 to 4 months.  I have a lot on my plate with homeschooling, living my faith, and praying for all these people.  I need to feed, attempt to clean the house, and still find time to occasionally knit them something for their birthday… maybe even read a book.

But at the end of the day, I want to remember these days.  I want to document the sweater I made my little ones, so that long after they have outgrown them, I can look back and remember how much love went into each stitch.  I want to remember the funny stories, the day to day insanity that comes with living in a 1700 square foot house with 11 people. 

I miss the days of lots of comments and sharing… not all these posts telling me what to do.  I, in no way, think I have this all figured out any more than anyone else does; I am not going to tell you what to do.  So, here is the deal.  I am going to keep blogging.  It might not be as often as I would like (except in the next few months – more on that in a second) but I will blog for me.  To make sure I don’t forget all these precious memories! 

I want to motivate myself to eat better, get more active, to live my faith, and to just love this life God gave me a little more.

So to kick off my rethinking the whole blogging thing, I am going to make an insane goal.  I am going to do 40 posts in 40 days for Lent.  It might simply be a picture or a quote.  It might be a whole stinkin’ post.  I am just going to blog for blogging’s sake.  So how is that for changing your mind?  I am a woman and fickle.

So get ready... I'm back... 

Sunday, February 15, 2015


You know I couldn't stay away, didn't you?

While I feel like I don't have a lot of time to blog, I realized quickly when I officially said I wasn't going to do it anymore, why I should!

I know, crazy, right?

So I am rethinking my departure.

I know, this doesn't surprise you one little bit.  I think a Lenten goal is in mind but it is not the one I planned on. 

Stay tuned for more...