Friday, March 27, 2015

FF: Why Exercise Matters and Why I am Not

Forgot about these, huh?  Being Spring Break I seem to have more time to blog, when I actually should be doing that yard work I talked about on Monday.  Oh well.

I have lost 10 pounds in the last few months and that is great.  It feels like it is going so slow and I am feeling awfully discouraged.  But I know it is awesome, I just can't wrap my mind around it.  My first tend pound reward was a haircut, and my next is going to be a pedicure.  So I have about 8 pounds to go.

I have not been able to exercise in a long time, which has been so hard.  Exercise is really not all you need to do to loose weight.  Let's face it, it is a small percentage really.  Diet and mind set are the biggest tools you have.  I have found, and others that I have talked to about these same things, all agree that with exercise comes the mindset.

I was telling a friend the other day that when I exercise I feel strong.  I feel capable, like I could do anything.

Which brings me back to why I have not been exercising.  A few weeks ago my kids caught the stomach flu.  It was a weird one too, and I ended up living much like a zombie, sleeping with vomiting children.  Finally when the kids were better I got a chance to go to the gym and what do I do?  I fall off the treadmill.

I hurt my hip pretty bad and ended up trying to rest it a little.  That's when things started to feel a little better and than, I thought, "Hey, I'm going to drop a crib on my foot."

It was and still is not pretty.  Open toed shoes are my friend right now... ok, my old Birkenstocks, but you know what I mean.  They are the only ones that don't push down on that toenail which is a very interesting shade of black right now.

I started favoring that foot which made me tweak my ankle slightly and that was the same side that my hip was hurt so that pain is back now too.

Fun huh?

Did I tell you I was signed up to run the Pear Blossom Race in a little over two weeks?

It's not looking good.  I am thinking I will have to give my ticket to one of the kids.

I am feeling encouraged, though, after a wonderful visit with a friend going through the same thing I am.  I know I can do this.  I have done it before.  And As soon as I can slip on those tennis shoes I will be back at it.  I am determined!

In the mean time, it is important to keep my focus.  To watch what I eat and keep to the plan.  Exercise or no.  Loosing weight is so much easier with exercise, but it is only part of it.  The greatest thing anyone can do on a journey like mine is to keep believing in yourself.

Most inspiring post this week:

Video Funny of the Week:

I must be behind the times because I have never heard of Parkour... but I am thinking this is probably not the sport for klutz like me....

Thursday, March 26, 2015

{P,H,F,R} Haircuts

I am joining up with the gang over at Like Mother, Like Daughter for this week's {P,H,F,R}!

I had stopped cutting the boy's hair awhile back out of sheer laziness, but I was never really happy with the job the barber shop did... so I broke out my shears again the other day.  Hey, I figure, if I mess up there is a week and half till Easter for it to grow out a bit... right?


These boys were in need of haircuts PRETTY bad!



Well, not great, Theo's looks a little... pointy, but look at what it was like before!  It was somewhere between a wave and mohawk.  It was crazy y'all!  But I am happy about the money I saved!


Hey boys, can I get a picture with your eyes OPEN?


Well, fine... Theo wore his bear hat almost all day.  Remember that week and half?  I bet it will look perfect then.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Dairy Free Blueberry Annunciation Smoothies

I thought I would share this with you super quick.  It is an easy way to whip together something special for the Feast of the Annunciation today.  I did a dairy free version, but you can replace the canned coconut milk with yogurt and the almond mil with regular cow's milk if you prefer.

You will need:
2-3 cups Frozen Blueberries
1-2 cups Frozen Peaches (or other fruit)
1 Can Coconut Milk
Almond Milk
approx. 1/4 cup Sweetener of your choice, I used Maple Syrup

Put the frozen fruit in blender.  I use peaches too because blueberries can be a really strong flavor and some people, especially kids, might not like it.  Next, add the canned coconut milk (this will make it thick and creamy) and sweetener.  At this point you want to pour in the almond milk.  I do this by eye.  Depending on how thick you want your smoothie, you will want to fill the blender halfway or up to covering the frozen fruit.

Blend it thoroughly!

If you need more almond milk, fruit, or sweetener feel free!  Make it to your taste.

They are super yummy, but....

They are cold, so don't eat it too fast!!

Feast of the Annunciation 2015

“The Church Fathers were fond of exploring the relationship between Eve, mother of all the living, and the new Eve, Mary the Mother of God. Where Eve grasped and lost, Mary surrendered and received; where Eve said no to the alluring mystery, Mary said yes. The angel of the Lord—an agent from a realm beyond what can be seen and known—appears to the maid of Nazareth and greets her in what Balthasar describes as the language of heaven: ‘Hail, full of grace.’” ~Fr. Robert Barron

Praying you and your family has a blessed Feast of the Annunciation.  Today God became man for you in the womb of our Mother Mary.

God bless! 

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Amy Caroline's Daybook ~ March 24, 2015

Good morning!

Outside my window...
Cloudy and gray.  I can't believe last week my kids were playing with the hose.  Spring, you little temptress.

I am thankful for...
Spring Break.  I need to reevaluate some things and get us organized.  I wanted to do school through the break, but it became obvious I need to get things pulled together for our school.  We may have to do school all summer, but we will get it all done!

I am thinking about...
how Lent often drains me.  It is supposed to in many ways, but I find that near the middle end of the season, I begin to draw away.  My relationship with God moves to a back burner.  I believe this is because I go very gung-ho into Lent and often over do it, to the point that it is impossible to accomplish all my mighty goals.  This then leads to feelings of "failing" Lent.  So I have been thinking a lot about what I need to do to get back my fire.

From the kitchen...
Last week I gave into a glutinous craving and on Saint Patrick's Day I ended up in the ER with horrendous stomach pains.  It was kind of scary.  When the stomach pains started I knew it was the gluten and I was annoyed with myself.  By the next day I was doubling over with the pain and I started to wonder if perhaps it was something bad bad bad.  After a CT Scan and everything came back a-ok, I knew it was the gluten.  So I am going to be much better and smarter eater. 

I am creating...
A cowl for a special lady.  I have another one to make too in less than a month.  Wish me luck.

I am praying for...
An increase in passion for my faith and life.  For confidence and guidance.  I am also praying for my nephew.

I am reading...
Too much.  I have a very bad habit of that.  Opening a book, liking it, but getting waylaid by another thing that interests me.  I really need to stop that.  It makes for a messy nightstand.

I am hearing...
Benny is entertaining Eva by singing her little made up songs that make absolutely no sense.  This one is about slobber.

Good bye, Ugly
 Around the house...
So messy.  But we did get a new door!  Our old one was so broken you could not open it from the outside, locked or not.  It was a hoot.  Trust me, having to open the door for someone who accidentally closed it every five seconds was great entertainment.

Hello, Gorgeous
One of my favorite things...
Dropping things on my feet.  Yeah, I did.  My toenail is scary.  I live in constant fear of a toddler stepping on it.


My new door.  Have I mentioned it?  I am in love.

A few plans this week...
Clean up.  If the weather cooperates I will work on the outside too.  It needs it.  We are those neighbors.  A pile of wood that needs to be split, a trailer that needs to go to the dump, and toys everywhere.  Total white trash.

A few picture thoughts...

The kids were playing with their cars and a great little city mat I got from a friend.  One night they left it all out and the teens decided to caption the whole town.

Some little man stole all the sausage that morning and would not let me have even a bite.  And after all the knitting I have done for him.

And she's OUT

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Checking Out Colleges

When I started homeschooling, 10 plus years ago, I always imagined that I would send my kids to the high school.  But when the time came... I didn't.  We homeschooled through.  Believe me, there have been struggles!  More than once I wondered what on earth I was thinking.

When Becca started looking into college it was mainly with the intention of staying closer to home.  We visited my Alma Mater only 30 minutes away and for what she wanted to study it was a good fit.  Isabel on the other hand has other plans.

She graduated this last February and is moving on.  She has great plans and they all start with culinary school.  So last Monday, three of us hopped into the minivan and made our way to the Oregon coast.

We stopped for breakfast and only took three sips of what had to be one of the worst cups of coffee I had ever encountered, and figured we would find a coffee stand somewhere along the way.

We didn't.

It was getting dire as we drove into town.  After hundred's of miles of fog and questionable visibility, seeing that Human Bean shinning in the sun, the azure sky framing it like a painting, was glorious indeed.  It was a good sign.

We made it to the school and could not help but be impressed.  They had amazing facilities.  We were able to talk with the head of the baking and pastry arts department and watch as people worked towards their finals.  

One of the great things about this program is that they also have a farm to table program.  They have a garden and a huge greenhouse.

They also had a stage kitchen, for presentations and practice for working on camera!

They gave her a free t-shirt and bumper sticker.  Anyone who knows us, knows we will do just about anything for a free t-shirt.

And, to top it all off, the Catholic church is only a few blocks away!

 I have to admit, that I was just as excited as Isabel was.  Mary, who hates cooking, even said the tour made her want to go there!  

It is amazing to think in just a few months I will have two children in college.  Where has the time gone?  You know, there are days where I still question my sanity in regards to about everything homeschooling, but looking back, I am so grateful.  I was given an opportunity to really know my kids and be apart of their lives in a truly special way.

What an amazing journey!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Eva's Flax

It has been awhile, but I finally finished Eva's Flax and thought I would share some of the cute pictures I got of her in her new sweater!

This is the second Flax by Tin Can Knits I have made, the first being for Theo's birthday.  I have not been able to get a picture of the two of them in their matching sweater because a horrible stomach flu has been going ever so slowly around our house.

The pattern is one from Tin Can Knits' Simple Collection, which is free, and written for beginners.  You know I love FREE.  They even have tutorials on their webpage. 

The design is meant to be a fitted sweater, so I would recommend going bigger rather than smaller.  I wish I had knit another inch onto Theo's sweater!  I also, accidentally, knitted the arms too long on Eva's Flax.  Of all the mistakes, I figured that was a good one, lol.