Monday, February 21, 2011

The Fatima Collection

Our Lady of Fatima is very important to our family, in fact she is our patron!  Not only are we Portuguese but we have a deep love for the story of the three children who saw Our Lady in a cova nearly one hundred years ago.

I was rocking my little baby one day and looked up at a picture of Our Lady hanging on the wall and I was struck.  Why hadn't I made a doll of her yet?  What was wrong with me?!?!

So, that afternoon I started planning.

Our Lady of Fatima is only the beginning of these plans.

I am so excited and happy to introduce to you:

 The Fatima Collection

In this collection of patterns you will receive the crochet directions to make Our Lady of Fatima, Francisco, Lucia, Jacinta, and a sun pillow!

$10.00 for all 5 patterns!

Please wait 24 - 48 hours for delivery into your email account.
Thank you!!

For more information about Our Lady of Fatima and the children who saw her, please visit EWTN's page: FATIMA.


  1. Very Darling!!! I wish I knit!!!

  2. They turned out beautiful, Amy! I'm looking forward to my next lesson so I can start making these someday! :)

  3. Thank you guys! Just want to stress that they are crochet patterns not knit. :)

  4. yes, indeedy some day I am gonna do this!!


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