Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Holy Family

 I am pleased to announce another new pattern collection from Knit Together Designs!  I was talking to you all earlier about looking at an antique picture of Our Mother Mary and being inspired!
So here is the next group of patterns inspired by that day rocking my baby!

The Holy Family

This crochet pattern collection includes the patterns for:
Mary, Joseph, and Baby Jesus!

To purchase these patterns, click this link:



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Thank you!!


  1. This. is. adorable! I need to learn to crochet, just so that I can make this. (Which will probably never happen!) Truly, truly beautiful, Amy! WOW!!

  2. Your saint dolls are soooo cute!! I just love these! I, too, would love to learn to knit or crochet just to be able to make these. I admire the fact that you are a mother/daughter team working together and inspiring one another. Keep up the great work!!

    Blessings, Kalei


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