Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Yarn Along ~ March 16, 2011

OK!  So the picture is no good, but... you can see I am starting something new.  I am making some Unmentionables!  Shhh...
Rose has asked me to make these for her for years, so I finally decided I swallow my fear of big projects and take the plunge!  So, wish me luck!
I am also reading Letters of a Homesteader Woman on my Nook!  I got my Nook for my birthday and was so excited.  I really love it.  I got this book and some others for FREE!
Did you know you can get Nook and/or a Kindle download for you iPhone, iPad, or iTouch?  For freeeeee??  It is smaller of course, but I started reading this book on my phone before I got my Nook.
Anyway, having one of these readers really is great for taking places.  And I lost my Everyday Saint book so I just open up Saint Anthony's Saint of the Day on my Nook and read it to the kids.  Also, you can download PDF's!  They really are worth every penny.
Ok, enough about my Nook.  Sorry, it is my new toy!
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