Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Remembering Vovo

This week is a week of sad memories overshadowed with the joy of knowing that loved ones lost are with Jesus.  Both my husband and I lost a parent this week.  It is impossible not to think of them this week.  Remembering the funny things they said, the loving things they did.  Wondering now if they are looking down at us and hoping they are still smiling.

Today would have been my husband's father's birthday.  He died only 3 days after his 80th birthday in 2007.

There he is on the right, next to his brother and sister, when they received their First Communion in Portugal  His sister, in the middle, is also in heaven.  Sweet Pea shares her birthday.

There they are again!  Same places, too.

Welcome to America!

Hubby gardening with his dad.

Visiting Portugal again.

Proud Vovo

We miss you Vovo!

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