Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Yarn Along ~ April 13, 2011

Ha ha!  Finished it last night.  I didn't think the world was going to let me get this picot edge done, but voila!  Half soaker, half skirt!  Have a feeling it is more skirt, lol.  I used the curly purly pattern for the panty and then just went with my head on the skirt.
As for reading?  Well, pretty much the same thing, I have had very little time for reading, other than school work with the kids.  But I downloaded a free kids book on my nook!  How the Elephant Got it's Trunk by Kipling.  It was so cool because... it read the book to my kids!
Here he is turning the page!
It was such a cool feature!  I am sure to get more of the read aloud books for them.
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