Friday, May 20, 2011

Daisy's Heart

IMG_6022We found out this year that our Daisy has a heart condition known as ASD.  Basically, she has a hole in her heart.  It is between the two bottom chambers and blood can flow between them, causing one side of the heart of swell.  At Daisy's last appointment we found out that the right side of her heart is indeed swollen and we would need to get a procedure down where the travel up the veins into her heart and place a... well, basically a plug.  The heart would heal around it and she would only have to have check-ups once in awhile to make sure everything was all right.

We have been waiting for a few months to find out when she would have this procedure done and we finally heard from them last week.  In a month we will be traveling up north to hopefully get this procedure done.

Did you notice that hopefully part?

Some of the news they gave us when they called is that Daisy might not be a good candidate for the procedure after all.  The doctor who will be preforming the procedure thinks the hole might be too big.  So when we go up next month they are going to recheck the hole.  If it is too big we will have to come home and wait some more.

If the hole is too big they will have to do surgery.  This, of course, not the news we were hoping for.  We know that God is looking over our Daisy.  Please keep her in your prayers, especially next month.

Thank you all!

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