Wednesday, May 18, 2011

It's in the Bag!

Sorry, no Yarn Along today.  Things have gotten a bit mad around here.  We got some bad news last night about my husband's aunt.  She has been in a car accident and is very sick.  In fact, we are taking my mother in law down there to help in just a few days.

So since things have been a bit crazy making plans for a last minute trip, I did not get a picture of my latest project, well, knitting project anyway.

I do have something to show you!  Wednesday has become my official sewing day.  Since it is hard to get school done on Wednesday because of other commitments that the big kids have, it has become our free day.  Perfect for me to break out the sewing machine!

I have been wanting to make more dresses for Sweet Pea, but Lily asked if I would make her a bag she saw inside the book SEW Workshop.  So we picked up some funky fabric and I got to work.  I got it done in one day... with lots of other things going on, so it was easy and quick.

So here is Lily with her new bag!



It came out so cute!  The pattern called for a zipper but Lily and I decided to forgo it because she wanted it for carrying books, and we thought the zipper would just be in the way.  I also did the strap a little different when I sewed it into the bag, sewing a square around the bottom part so that it would be stronger.

I thought it was funny that I made Rose a bag a few years ago with a green polka-dot liner and now Lily has one with red.  Maybe when it is Daisy's turn for a bag I will have to give her a purple polka-dot liner!


Sorry, that is just a photo I had to add because she is so cute!!!  Look at her hair... sigh.  Sorry, I know I am biased.  Oh, there you go, a little yarn for Wednesday... her Milo vest still fits and is softer than ever!


  1. That turned out very cute!

    We will be praying for you all. Have a safe trip!!!

  2. It looks great Amy and your baby is cute. I wish Joseph had a bit more hair.

  3. Thank you!

    This is only my second baby to ever have that much hair! I wondered if Buttercup's hair would ever grow thicker and it only is now and she will be 5 soon!


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