Monday, May 9, 2011

That's it!

Ok, so I have decided, enough is enough.  If you ever check out my sidebar Google reader posts, you will have noticed a bit if a theme.  I have to learn to sew.

see... not perfect... see they don't line up... sigh...
Now, I have sewn before, but I always get discouraged.  I see my mistakes far more than I see the good stuff.  I always think it is not good enough.

Unlike with my knitting or crochet, I can see beyond a mistake or two (for the most part) and feel happy with what I have made.  I think, perhaps, that when you work with yarn a sort of homemade look is acceptable... almost expected.  It still looks great, even with that small boo-boo.

Sewing, however, any mistake is more obvious.  Or so it seems to me.  So I have this fear that whenever you sew something it has to be perfect (or an dern near perfect as a human being can make something).

So, I must let go of my fears and accept that until I learn nothing I make will be perfect.  I must try my best and eventually I will be a master seamstress... or, at least a decent one. ;)

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