Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Buncom Day!


Last Saturday we were lucky enough to make it to annual Buncom Day (which realy hasn't been going on for the last 6 years!).  Buncom is a little ghost town outside of Jacksonville, Oregon.  We have been by before and all the buildings were locked up tight.  This weekend however, we all got to go in!



There were plants to buy.  We bought three more tomato plants.  A Lemon Boy, a Medford, and, a celebrity.



There were some cool old cars!  I loved the green one.  Wouldn't that be fun to drive around in?  I just don't think it would fit all the kids...


The Fire Department was there to discuss fire safety ( Rogue and Buttercup were able to show off all they learned in out last safety day we had at home.  We practiced what we would do if there was a fire, if a stranger tried to grab us, and if we got lost).  More importantly (at least the the younger ones) they got some cool hats.  They have been so loved already that they are being held together with masking tape.


A gentleman was showing us hoe to pan for gold.


There was also a petting zoo and the sweetest little pony with roses in her hair!


Bear insisted she wear his hat...


Inside the Country Store there was things for sale. We got a few patterns for 25 cents and a Hungry Hippos travel game that we already had to take away from the kids for fighting over it.


There they all are, my minons.  Smile!

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