Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Yarn Along ~ June 8, 2011

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I am sharing with you a new doll I designed!  Saint Michael the Archangel!  He was a bit difficult, giving me a few challenges.  But I am happy with how he came out.  I am also excited that in a few weeks I should have the pattern available to purchase over at the shop.

The BIG news?  I am giving this little guy away!  If you would like to win Saint Micheal, go to Saint Michael, the Archangel GIVEAWAY and follow the easy peasy dircections!

As for reading, this week I have to share with you this AMAZING book I just got!  Growing Up Sew Liberated by Meg at Sew Liberated.  Of all my sewing books (and I have collected quite a few as of late, I am shamed to admit), this is probably my favorite.  If you have kids ad any interest in sewing you really ought to pick it up.


  1. What a great pattern design!
    I've bee hearing lots about that book recently - sounds like it's full of wonderful ideas.

  2. Amy, is there a book that you could recommend to me that could teach me about the basics of running a sewing machine. We inherited my grandmother's Singer and though my daughter knows a little I would like something more. I guess I'm after a very basic beginnger teach yourself to sew book.

    I would love to be able to make my kids cute stuff and more handmade gifts. Thanks so much.


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