Thursday, July 28, 2011

Baking on a Summer's Day


I have been spending this week trying to get ready for school.  The goal is to start next week.  I spent way too much on brand new crayons and pencils, cleaned up the school room, my room, cleaned up the recipe book while making copious amounts of bread, and made up a menu plan for the next month.


I have decided to get the kids more involved in cooking.  I am calling in Home Ec.  Anywho, the two oldest girls are going to cook breakfast, lunch and dinner 2 days a week (that leaves me with three, hee hee).  I made up the plan and then marked any special holidays or feast days.  I filled in my days and then let them get to work.

See that butter all melty and yummy on top? Meow.

It was great watching them research and plan just what they wanted to make.  Rose ended up being the chef on the feast day the Queenship of Mary, so she was busily working away on Catholic Cuisine looking for recipes and inspiration.  By the end of her work she was so impressed by everything she saw and then declared she wanted to be Jessica (she called her by her last name, of course, but you catch my meaning, lol) when she grew up.  I figured maybe she could at least learn some cake decoration tips since that is not one of my talents.

Blurry, but wanted to show you my expanding bun dough...

Other than that I am starting to get the back to school fever.  We still haven't heard from the hospital for when Daisy is supposed to go up for her heart surgery, but  figured that we should just go ahead and start school.  With the baby coming in February, I want to get a head start.  Besides, every year in May we are so done, so why not try and plan it that way?

Are you looking at my buns?  Sorry, couldn't help myself.
Blurry too, but soon to be hamburger buns!  In about 1 1/2 hours, at least.

Well better dash and finish baking.  It is too hot for it, I know, but it has to be done!  We have been going through bread like mad, so I am hoping this will keep me from having to make some every day... maybe?

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