Friday, June 15, 2012

Fitness Friday: Going Gluten Free, So Far

The cherries from our cherry tree!~
I thought you all might be wondering about our gluten free adventures so far.  It has been about a week... or has it been two?  Anyway, it has been crazy.  I never would have guessed there would be actual withdrawal symptoms involved in cutting wheat from our diet!  But there were some real sourpusses around here and one of them was definitely me.  Depression, grumpiness, headaches.... but they seem to be getting better now.

It has been a harder transition for some more than others.  But we are making it.  The hardest part is trying to feed a family this large on a diet like this.  How ridiculous is it that fruits and veggies are so expensive.  The things we need the most are the things so many cannot even afford.  And I mean NEED, not want.  We need fruits and veggies and I find it so sad that it is cheaper to buy all this processed crap (pardon my passion, lol) to feed a large family for a week.  And forget about trying to do this organic.  Maybe if we were Bill Gates, but...

Sorry.  Tirade over.

I figure there are some things that we are going to have to be not so intense on.  For example,  I purchased a pancake mix for Lily and Sweet Pea.  The bag said it made two batches... that would be 6 to 8 pancakes in the whole bag.  I would have to buy two bags for the whole family!  And still have to add eggs, oil (I used coconut), and some form of liquid like milk (I used almond milk).  Having read the book Nourishing Traditions, I had read that soaking grains can break down gluten and other icky stuff in wheat.  So I soaked the wheat in buttermilk overnight for the rest of the family's pancakes.  It is my original recipe (except now I use coconut oil or butter for the oil).  I think I really need to start working on my own gluten free recipe and that might help make it work for the whole family.  I do realize that pancakes are going to be once a week (maybe) - not that it wasn't before, but once in awhile they would get them twice (if I was feeling nice and energetic).

Speaking of energetic!  I have tons more energy.  My family picked on me (not very nice considering how much stress I have been under trying to re-learn how to cook for this army) yesterday about not falling asleep on our road trip.  There is a beautiful lake some miles up the road that we love to visit.  Some friends suggested we head up there on Father's Day to check out the fish hatchery and have a picnic after mass.  I always fall asleep on this road trip.  Sometimes on the way up, but ALWAYS on the way home.  Not this time.  No sir.  And I had only had one cup of coffee at 6 am.  No more caffeine or any such thing.

And I have no pictures of this event to share with you, because Lily left the camera in the car.  She was to busy having fun with her friends, sigh.

My gluten free girl
I won't kid you for one second, this has not been easy.  Especially since I have been striving to be sugar free as well.  I had been doing that before the doctor suggested we watch my two girls for gluten intolerance.  And the moodiness last week was enough to make any mom want to throw in the towel.  BUT, Sweet Pea (despite getting five new teeth at the moment - four of which are molars) is doing so much better.  There are real signs so far that celiac disease is going to be a part of her life.  And Lily too is feeling better and more energetic.  But we all are.

I hate to feel like I am possibly jumping on some new fad.  I don't particularly care for labeling people.  We joke about it in my family ("You are such a hipster, Rose!" "Yeah, well you are a hippie, mom!"), but it can be detrimental to truly knowing who God wants you to be.  Worrying too much about whether you are "green" or "hipster" or "tea party" or whatever can make you loose sight of yourself and what God wants you to do with your life.  That being said, I never would have considered giving up wheat for a fluke.  Just looking through my recipe label will prove to you I love baking.  Yet, I also have to say that we feel healthier, stronger, and more energetic without gluten and sugars.

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