Saturday, September 15, 2012

Budding Archeologists



we mapped, we colored, we played archeologists.

Love Buttercup's face.  Also love the fact that they did find something I didn't plant.. an ancient hairband.
My kids thought I was nuts.  Rose looked at me outside through the window wondering why is mom outside digging a hole.  Last week was bad, but had mom completely lost it?

I know what you are thinking... Suspenders?  Yeah, daddy gave them to him.  One of his sisters, after seeing Rogue wear them with sweatpants, hid them and no one is fessing up to where.
Well, maybe, but I did have a goal in mind!  I dug a hole and then buried things from around the house in it.  We read a bit out of the book Archaeologists Dig for Clues and then with garden spades and old paintbrushes we proceeded to get to work.

Someone was not happy until...
he got to help, too.
The kids had a blast!  I had a blast!  We cleaned our discoveries and then talked about what the things we found could mean about the culture that had left them behind.  This worked better after having to explain we were pretending that the toy truck was NOT from the back bedroom.


They had a lot of fun digging in the dirt and I felt like such a good homeschooling mom.

Win!  Win!

And then a few days later when asked what their favorite subject was, they said... MATH.

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