Friday, November 2, 2012

Fitness Friday: Goals!

I talked to you a little bit about the why I am working out and trying to get healthy... other than the obvious live to see my grandchildren.  But what about goals?  Well, here we go...

Ok, I am pregnant in the upper left one, but you get the idea.

Halfway There:

I decided when I realized that I was starting this journey that I wanted to be realistic.  I don't want to imagine that I will be skinnier than I was when I was a teenager, or some such thing.  So, I decided I would give my self 10 lbs more than what I weighed after I lost weight with my first baby Rose.  I could actually remember that weight, but also I remember feeling good and looking good.

What was I thinking with that hair do?  Oh well.
I also, wanted to be realistic in that I am also working out.  I am weight training two to three times a week.  I am gaining muscle and have more muscle now than I ever have had in my life!  Muscle weighs more.  So that is why recording my inches is so important.

I also figure if when I reach my goal (which is a little more than 20 pounds right now), if I think I can loose 20 more, than I will.  I want my goals to feel acheiveable and I think they are.  Oh and check out Tony...

I know the picture totally sucks, my living room is a cave and I took it with my phone, but he has lost 70 pounds since his heaviest!  40 since last May.  

Tony and I are gathering up all our clothes that don't fit and giving them to my mother in law is an amazing seamstress.  She has alread made leggings and skirts for the girls out of some of Tony's old jeans and t-shirts.  I will have to show you some in a later post.  

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