Wednesday, November 21, 2012

yarn along ~ November 21, 2012


I am still working on the dolls but I thought I would show you what I am working on while little eyes are prying.  During the day I like to knit while we listen to our read aloud Farmer Boy.  I also like to knit while I get read too by the little ones too.  So I find time to work in my knitting throughout the day and this has been a perfect project for it.  It is the Campfire sweater by Tin Can Knits.  I will be getting to the fair isle part soon and I am nervous about that, as I have never done it before.  I hope I don't mess it up, as Rogue would be heartbroken.  He is very excited about his sweater!

Other than Farmer Boy and other read alouds, I picked up some books from the library, including The Sugar Queen by Sarah Addison Allen.  I have enjoyed Garden Spells and The Girl Who Chased the Moon.  Hopefully this will be just what I need.  I had to take a break from  Fahrenheit 451.  It is rather intense for me right now, especially after the elections.  Tony has picked it up and is now almost done with it!

We have been doing a crazy amount of reading lately, so I won't bore you with a huge list!  But it has been fun.


  1. That yarn looks so pretty! Now you can't show a picture of the John Holt book and not talk about it. :) Is it good?

    1. LOL! I didn't did I? As soon as I starting writing this my husband started reading Peter and the Starcatchers to the kids and I have been enjoying it, so I was trying to type it up all real fast so I could go listen!

      I just got the Holt book and have only read like a page out of it. I tried to squeeze somein last night before I fell asleep, so I can't give an opinon about it yet. Though I do have to say, I have generally liked what I have read by him.

  2. Oh my goodness. That is a lot of reading. I'm intrigued by the relationship between Fahrenheit 451 and the elections since I'm an Australian. Still I was very interested in the recent elections in your part of the world - but I'm sure the perspective is very different half a world away.
    Beautiful orange yarn too. Delicious.

  3. Love that orange color! Oranges don't normally appeal to me, but this one is making my fingers itch to knit fall-ish sweaters.


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