Tuesday, December 18, 2012


We don't get a lot of snow around here but when we do it is cause for big excitement!  There was much frustration though waiting for Tiger to wake up this morning, so that the boys could get into their room and get clothes on.  But as soon as he was awake Rogue and Buttercup dashed through the house getting ready (by that time Bear had second thoughts).

So with instructions from Tony (who is off this week!) the kids set to work to make a BIG snowman.  Now, those of you in other climes might laugh at how "big" our snowman is, but for us, this is quite a feat!

And you may not be wondering, but, yes, Buttercup is still wearing her nightgown.  She put on two pants underneath and two sweaters over it.  Then socks on her hands.  Shows you what kind of snow gear we need around here!

It is like Lily just said, it is like a blizzard for us!  I just heard my first, "Can I come inside?"  So I think it might be time for some hot cocoa in front of the fire.  We have to enjoy it while it lasts, the snow will probably be almost gone by this afternoon!

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