Friday, January 11, 2013

Wooden Saints

I realized I never showed you one of my projects from Christmas.  one of my too many projects!  Luckily I started these pretty early in the season, so I had lots of time to play work with them.

I had seen so many lovely saint dolls online at Etsy that I would have loved to buy, but just didn't have the money to get all eight of my children one.  So I figured I would try my hand at making them all one.  I am no artist when it comes to paint but I thought them came out cute.  I made eahc child either their patron or confirmation saint.

Here are the gents:

Saint Anthony (see the fish jumping up to listen?), Saint Theodore, and Saint Joseph.

It was so much cheaper to make them, although, to be honest, I am thinking that perhaps for birthdays I would get them the ones from the lovely shop Saint Anne's Pixies.

And the ladies:

Immaculate Heart of Mary, Saint Gianna, Saint Scholastica, Saint Lucy,  and Saint Therese

Do you see that little head popping up there?  Someone wanted to see what I was up to in her room taking pictures.

I figured she might want some attention.  So...

The top middle one cracks me up, it looks like Sweet Pea and Mother Mary are looking at each other!

The wooden saints were fun to make and I tried to weave in a few symbols here and there, but again, I am no painter!  The kids seem to like them and do treat them like they are special, so that makes my heart smile.

I also made them little cards with drawn saints on them, like I did for the ATC swap over at Pondered in my Heart. 

All in all there were a ton of fun to make and even though it took a long time, I just did things a bit at a time since they had to be layered.  And Tony never complained about having them on his dresser for weeks.  :)

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  1. You made so many homemade gifts this year!

    We've had Christmas projects on our dresser for months! I need to just finish the one that is still sitting there, or just give up on it already! lol


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