Saturday, February 23, 2013

Another Lenten Note.. and a Late Fitness Friday

Sweet Pea watching the rain...
I am so fickle and since it wasn't a real Lenten sacrifice I am altering it a bit.  I realized after the short time I spent away from blogging these last few days that I get more out of blogging than anything else.  So I am lifting the limits on that part of it.  Hope that doesn't make me a bad girl.  But it was motivating for me! 

So still off the desserts, no TV on Wednesdays and Saturdays, no Facebook, no Pinterest.  And boy, that no desert thing was hard with the TERRIBLE two weeks I have had.  There are days where some chocolate sure would have helped.... like the day someone tried to buy tickets to Singapore twice with my Paypal credit card, only a week after someone was doing something I don't want to even think about in Thailand with my checking debit card.  I felt very picked on.

Look Momma!
On a more exciting note all is good on the fitness front.  I gained 0.5 pounds, but then lost 2.5.   I had a total of 12 miles this week.  I pulled a muscle near my Achilles tendon about two weeks ago, which has been torture.  Ok that is an exaggeration.  But it is getting better.  I just don't want to stop my workouts.  I have cut them back a bit but I noticed the less I go to the gym the more grumpy I get, especially when someone is stealing my credit card numbers!

1 Hour and almost 1 liter of water later I had my longest time and distance on the elliptical today!
All in all, I am doing really well.  I added a little widget in the sidebar that I saw on Jessica's blog.  It will be a lot of fun to keep track there!

I have also dabbled in running, thinking about taking part in a 5K here locally, but that is how I pulled the muscle in my heel and it is not making me think I am cut out for running.  Maybe next year.

So that is that.  I am still not sure how much blogging I can do with all the running around I have had to be doing, but sure missed everyone.  Hoping to get some reading time soon!!

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