Friday, May 10, 2013

Fitness Friday: Our Big Ride ~ Ashland Watershed and a Stop at the GreenLeaf

So I have been very busy!  There has been little down time at all.  My sweater (my last real post, lol) is hardly getting worked on.  Luckily during Daisy's flute lessons I get some widdle time!

Before I ride... do I look skeptical?
But, last weekend, Tony and I took an amazing bike ride! I am hoping to do (at least) the 60 mile bike ride for Ride the Rogue this year (Gulp, I just noticed when I was setting up the link there is no 60!  It is either 70 or the century!), so Tony said we needed to start training.  He has other crazy plans like riding up the side of a mountain, which I will gladly support him in.  I don't think I am that crazy... maybe?  Hmmm, I wonder what the t-shirt looks like? I am going to check out the photos from past rides and see if people look like they are having pain or giving birth.  I guess I am crazy.


So here we are half way to the destination.  In other words about a 1/4 of the ride in.  We had to stop because my phone kept going off and had to make sure everything was ok!  It was.

 We made it to Ashland!  At this point it is about maybe 18 or so miles in.

One must always get a reward half way through a bike ride like this one.  And this was a perfect second breakfast!  Oh my goodness!  Gluten-free Eggs Benedict was on special at Greenleaf.  It was brilliant.  The egg yolk was so orange and perfct.  It was such a work of art.  I can't even begin to explain how gorgeous those eggs were.  I still dream about those eggs... but I digress...  If you are ever in Ashland, you should check them out.  They also have brilliant directions on how to wash your hands in the loo. 

So, Tony was afraid we wouldn't get as far as he was hoping.  So he said we needed to go a little bit further.  His idea of a little bit further was up the side of a mountain.  He tricked me!  Either that or he was trying to kill me.  Of course, if he was trying to kill me, he probably wouldn't have fed me first.  So there we are up there, me kissing his sweet face, after we made it to the watershed reservoir!

And here I am flying down the mountain.  It was scary!  I was going so fast.  I had images of falling off, being hurt and not able to take care of my gaggle of beautiful children.  So, brakes on the whole way down!

We made it home, sweaty, a couple hours later.  It was amazing!  The only problem?  Tony's goal was 40 miles.  We did 39.35 miles.  Foiled!  Of course he went and rode 17 more the next day!

So today, we took a short ride, we have Cub Scout things we need to get ready for.  So only 14.11 miles today.  I just love these Saturdays when the weather is so lovely.  It really is a wonderful time for Tony and I to get some time together doing something we love.  It truly is such a blessing. 

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