Friday, October 18, 2013

Rose's 19th Birthday

All these pictures have her name on them - her real name- but since Rose is now an *gulp* adult, I guess it is ok?

So I made Becca her own pillowcase!  It came out so cute, but knowing me, I of course, had trouble.

I ended up cutting the fabric wrong for the first pillowcase.  I, also of course, was doing this ON the day of her birthday while she was at school.  So I had to run to the fabric store and buy more.  They were out.  Which actually was a good thing because I found something better!  Yeah me!

Ok, I have no clue why Blogger is making my pictures so dark.  I have tried to fix this, but that hot pink just looks horrid.  It really isn't that bad, I promise.  But the birds!  Aren't they cute?  And it went with the little singing bird I embroidered on the cuff too!

So I whipped it up and did it right the first time, thank goodness!  And then I had the other blue fabric that I cut wrong, so I thought I would make a pillow.  Pillows were 50% off at JoAnn's, so more Yeah Me!


Of course it took longer than I thought and had to finish it in my room, hiding in my last minute shame.

So there, all done!  And a little Human Bean owl cup filled with candy covered espresso beans.  She also got a coat, a dance recital done by her younger siblings, a cardboard rabbit made by Rogue, and an abundance of awesome buttons made by Lily!

So much blurriness... Have I mentioned how much I miss my camera?  An iPad and phone really can't compare.  Sigh.

And later I will tell you about the mishap with the cake.  Oh yeah, you didn't think that was it, did you?


  1. You are SO talented, Amy! I love the pillowcase and pillow! I wish you lived close by, so you could teach me to sew! (Of course, that's not the only reason why I wish you lived closer :-)

    1. I need someone to teach me! I am a terrible sewer. Pillowcases, I can handle... I think... The only way I did this was I found an awesome You Tube video with a lady telling me exactly what to do!

    2. Sewer? That looks like, well... sewer. Crud. Make that seamstress. :p


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