Thursday, November 7, 2013

Christmas Knitting 2013

I have been busily knitting up a storm whenever I can get a few moments.  Especially when kids are reading to me, listening to read alouds, and watching the Biggest Loser.  You know any spare second!

Just like last year, I am making hats for everyone for Christmas.  In other words I probably won't tell you whose hat is whose.  :)  I am rather proud of myself that I am on the ball this early in the season.  At this point I have only two left to make!  Not sure what I will do with myself after I am done with them.

As you know, I am a huge fan on Tin Can Knits.  They give me no money for saying this either, so you can take my honest word for it.  Their patterns are so well written and easy to follow!  I have made many of them now, especially thier hats.  I love that the patterns range all the way from baby to adult!

 I guess I can share with you that all the boys are getting the same hat.  Since they are mostly too young to read my blog, I can let that cat out of the bag!  They are all getting TCK: The Stovetop.  This one was really fun to make!  Here I am modeling one of the ones I made:

Hey!  Why didn't anyone tell me that my nose is so big!  ACK!  I will just say it was the angle of the shot.  There is the back with the little pom-pom.

And here is Tiger's.  It is too small for me and I don't want to stretch it out!

I also made two of these, one for Sweet Pea, which I just finished and is blocking right now and this lovely one.  It is TCK's Loch.  I think I am going to HAVE to make one for me after Christmas!

I need to get more pictures of this hat to do it justice!  Maybe after Christmas the recipient can model it better!

And here is Sweet Pea's being blocked...  It gives you a better look at the awesome design:

Oh and let me shift the focus so you can see Oscar the fabulous cat sitting amongst the autumn leaves...

Another Tin Can Knit's hat I made is the Carmel Slouch. Another one I want to make for myself... funny considering I don't wear hats very often.  Maybe I ought to!

And now for a hat that is NOT Tin Can Knits!  This is one I just happened across on Ravelry and truly loved.  It is called the Nara Hat.  It came out really lovely, the purple is so fun too.

I don't have any photos of the one I am currently working on, which is a pattern by Alana Dakos of Never Not Knitting, called Rustling Leaves.  I have only finished the band, so wish me luck.  I have been itching to get my hands on her book Botanical Knits and now she making a second one!

A big thank you to my daughter Lily for taking some of the photos for me!

So what are you guys making for Christmas this year?


  1. You are a wonder, wow - the hats are just lovely!

  2. When you're finished, you can make some for me! I don't knit fast enough to knit many gifts. I do plan a pair of large, men's socks, so I need to get started on those and go buy the yarn! I LOVE Sweet Pea's hat---it looks like a thistle and it's the perfect color! I might add that to my list. Also on my list is one of Alana's gorgeous hats.

    1. I know what you mean. I usually wait till the last minute, but I was on the ball this year and started way early. I have to admit though, I am tired of hats. I am itching to work on Katherine's Martinmas sweater!

  3. I'm impressed! How will the pom poms hold up, do you know? When I've made some in the past before, they don't seem like they would stay together with too much handling.
    I'm working on a sweater for the 7yo and hoping to make leg warmers to match, but not sure what else yet.

    1. I don't know about the pom poms. That is a good question. Especially with kids pulling on them, huh? I did make a stocking cap years ago and the pom pom is still on it. But it is a lot of work for something that may not last, so I get you!

      I have been thinking about leg warmers too! Matching ones for My 7 yo and 3 yo.

  4. Wow! They are all lovely! Great job, Amy!


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