Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Amy Caroline's Daybook ~ December 10, 2013

Outside my window...
Frigid, icy cold.  It is actually warmer in Alaska then it is here.  Honestly, the cold never bothered me before… NOW.  This is COLD.  Not just cold.  This is can’t go to bed because it is warmer by the fire, and can’t get out of bed because I am warmer under my blankies cold.  It is so cold you don’t want to go anywhere, do anything, or believe it will ever turn back into Oregon.  Ever.

I am thankful for...
A sense of humor, good company (I love my family), and lots of good books.  Things that make weather like this tolerable!

I am thinking about...
Yesterday while driving Rose very cautiously to school (it is finals week at the college, of course), I came to the conclusion that God created the weather to entertain us.  Social Media has only perpetuated this theory of mine.  The Good Lord wanted to give us something relatively safe (I have never heard of anyone becoming violent over preferring cold to hot – though I am sure somewhere it has) to talk about.  Something everyone can commiserate in and comprehend.  It has nothing to do with seasons and growing things or what not, it was solely something to entertain us.

In other words the cold has seeped to my brain and there is little hope of a full recovery.

From the kitchen...
Lots of homemade soup and fresh bread.  I have to rise the bread and defrost meat by the fire, but I am feeling like a true pioneering homesteader.

I am creating...
Lots of earl grey tea.  I am trying to knit, but it is so hard right now!  Can you believe it?  I guess I kind of needed a break from all that Christmas knitting. 

I am praying for...
  • My niece and her husband for God to bless them with a baby
  • For my dear friends husband who was been in the hospital 2 times in three days last week with a terrible kind of allergic reaction.
  • For a family who just lost a father.
  • For all my family, but especially three children who all went to the doctor last week and came home with not great news.  Stay tunes for more…

I am hearing...
Silence and the click click of the computer.  I have been feeling bad about neglecting the blogs and such but the computer is in a very poorly heated area of the house.  I am currently curled up under a very fabulous furry cheetah print blanket with a cup of steaming earl grey.  So far so good.  The nose is a little cold…  Oh yeah, hearing:  It is nice and quiet but I am waiting for the cubs to wake.

Around the house...
Last Tuesday right after swim lessons, Rogue was coming out of the dressing room when he accidentally slammed his finger in the door.  To appreciate this, I want you to imagine a huge metal door that is hard to open.  I didn’t even see what had happened.  I was looking right at him and watched his face go from huge smile to pasty white within seconds.  You know those screams?  Those ones that start way down deep and tear their way up.  Yeah.  I was sitting there waving my hand at him, telling him to relax what happened, when all of a sudden there was blood.  Blood.  Blood.  I think I did a little tap dance and then darted around the corner calling to the lifeguard. 

I took him to the emergency room, where luckily we found out it wasn’t broken.  He did loose his fingernail and got 5 stitches.  The pediatrician told us the next day he was extremely lucky to have not lost the tip of his finger.  Among other looking at the positives about this fiasco, he was dressed after swim lessons.  I can’t imagine having to take him to the ER in his wet swim clothes!  And it was his left hand (he is right handed).  The big bummer?  No more swim lessons for awhile.  This session ends next Tuesday.  I am hoping he will be able to swim at least on the last day.  He was doing so well and really likes it.  We decided it might be best to wait for another session on spring since it is so cold, but we might sign Rogue and Buttercup up for an earlier swim lesson and invest in some fabulous fleece robes.

Lucky you, my iPhone bit the dust the other day and all my pictures of his bandaged hand went with it.  Sigh.

One of my favorite things...
You may have noticed a few comments about earl grey tea.  That has been big for me lately.  At Starbucks you can get what is called a London Fog.  It is an Earl Grey Latte with a shot of Vanilla Syrup.  Uh, yeah, mama likes.

 A few plans for the rest of the week...
  • Rogue getting his stitched removed
  • Buttercup doing swim lessons all by herself
  • Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe
  • Feast of saint Lucy (A huge favorite around here)
  • Finals week for Rose
  • Trying not to get in a car accident while trying to drive in the ice.  Southern Oregon does not know what to do with this.  It is scary.
A few picture thoughts...

A Few Video Thoughts :) :

Tiger's first look at the snow and you get to see Rogue's finger all wrapped up!

If I knew how to edit I would just show you the end... Editing will come. But wait till the end, it is kinda cute (well, I think so at least, lol):

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