Thursday, February 20, 2014

Sunshine Award

I was recently blessed by the lovely Sarah over at More Than Enough with the Sunshine Award!  This meant a lot to me, but I have been very lazy about getting back to posting about it!  So here it goes... 

Here are the "rules" for acceptance of this award:
  • Use the award logo in the post.
  • Link to whoever nominated you.
  • Write 10 pieces of information about yourself.
  • Nominate fellow bloggers who nominate 10 fellow bloggers who "positively and creatively inspire others in the blogospere."
  • Leave a comment on the nominees' blogs to tell them of the award.
So without further ado, 10 things about me you didn't know you wanted to know:

Wow, I think I might be bad at this... let me see... 

1. Ok, I am an introvert, but a weird one.  I am an INFJ.  They are the people who may seem like extroverts and maybe even kind of think they might be but deep down totally shut down in public.  So I turn very pink in social situations and long to sit there and play with your dog and/or baby even though I am not a big fan of dogs (I am a big fan of babies, ask anyone... shoot, that could have been number 2), because really I just feel like a big goober.

2. I think I might be a goober.


3. I LOVE sweet potatoes.  I didn't even know I loved sweet potatoes until about a year ago.  Now I can't go more than a few days without them.

4. I can say "I love you" in several languages.  I learned most of them while in high school, so I guess I did learn something useful.  You doubt the usefulness of knowing how to say "I love you" in Russian?  Well, what if I ever went to Russia and got lost?  What if someone stole my passport and purse?  All I would have to do is sit there in the cold until some nice person came by and say, "Я тебя люблю!"  Surely someone would take me home with them and feed me, maybe even sweet potatoes.  Do they have sweet potatoes in Russia?  I hope so.  That would terrible if they didn't.

5. I have a thing for British TV.  This is probably not a surprise.  I could happily watch only BBC for the rest of my life.

6. Speaking of British television, I just discovered Horrible Histories yesterday.  I have been sick, going on 4 days, so I hope I am not just hallucinating from this fever, but I thought they were hysterical.  I particularly liked this one:

7. My father was a huge Trekkie.  He had every episode of the old and Next Generation on VHS.  he tapes them all and carefully edited out all the commercials.  He would make himself a Manhattan and eat cheese and crackers every Saturday night at 6pm and watch Star Trek.  You did not call him or talk to him when it was on either.  As a youngster I refused to watch them, except the one episode with Apollo wanting them all to worship him (I was very into Greek mythology).  I did go to Star Trek IV with him, you know the one with the whales, and liked it so much that I started watching the show with him.

8. I was going to make these rather short, but I am not.  Bad form, sorry.  I wonder if you are all even still reading these?  I promise the last one will be worth it...

9. I spend way too much time looking at curriculum for our homeschool.  It makes me very wishy-washy.  I wish I was more convicted when it came to my style and what we do!  I sometimes wonder if I wrote it all out I might feel better.  Maybe?

10.  I think this one should have been 9, but then I really thought it ought to be the last.  You can guess what it means in the comments:

Ok, I am horrible at nominating, and TEN?  Can I do three?  Ok, how about I do four:

1. Jessica at Shower of Roses

2. Charlotte at Waltzing Matilda

3. ELM at Family Treehouse

4. Kathy at 9 Peas

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