Saturday, July 26, 2014

8th Birthday Tea Party

About a week ago we got to celebrate Buttercup's 8th birthday.  She declared she wanted to have a tea party this year.  so we happily obliged.  

There was a four course meal.

Scones (which looked a bit odd because I had only frozen blueberries), fruit, 
cucumber and egg salad sandwiches, and cookies 
(which I forgot to take a picture of!  We used these cool tea party cookie cutters).

Tea served in fancy cups.

And, of course, we were all dressed very elegantly.

And used our very best manners.

After tea we changed our clothes and then decorated little bird houses!  I got them on sale at Michael's for 50 cents each.  I figured that was such a good deal I even got some for the teenagers...

Who had more fun I think then the younger crowd!

Then there was gifts!

She got Frozen Anna's Icy Adventure and Meet Rebecca. One of the benefits of having sister's who work is that they buy you really cute outfits! She also got fuzzy posters, the saint dolls I made her, and a Ceramic Tea Set with Basket.

She also has some pretty creative brothers!  When she said she wanted a giraffe for her birthday her five year old brother was only too happy to provide!

Rogue went over to their grandma's house and she helped him make her a lovely rosary that actually kind of matched her outfit!

It was all topped off with cupcakes, chocolate-chocolate chip with cream cheese frosting.  The photos were terrible, so just take my word for it, they were yummy!

8 years... 

It goes by just too fast!

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