Friday, December 12, 2014

Fitness Friday: Quitting Coffee

So I was sitting here thinking maybe I would watch some TV and then I reliazed, no that would be too lazy.  Oh I will write a blog post, because that will at least be a workout for my fingers, right?

Well, it isn't like I have much brain power right now anyway.  I quit coffee on... oh I don't know when.  That is how bad this is.  Basically a couple of days.  You can look on Twitter or Facebook to find my quip of the day regarding what it is like to quit coffee when you have 9 kids, one of which is a newborn.

Basically coffee was upsetting my stomach.  I have had this issue in the past.  In fact, before Buttercup was born I didn't drink coffee because it made me so sick.  After she was born however, I craved it so bad I thought I would die.  Literally.  Ok, not literally, but I wanted some really, really bad.  And it didn't make me sick, so I kept drinking and drinking.

I started drinking coffee at a very young age.  I can recall making it for my mother every morning before I headed off to middle school, so maybe 6th grade?  Who knows, if I didn't drink coffee at such an age I could be like 6'3" and then my current weight would be perfect.  But after a few years it started to make me really really sick.  So I stopped, for a decade!  And now, now I am a dirty filthy addict, sitting outside Starbucks begging for a sniff of some stranger's mocha.  It is a sick, sad thing.  Don't tell the kids.

To be totally honest, I didn't want to do the Whole30 because I would have to give up the cream in my coffee.  Talk about issues.  I thought about doing the program and cheating by just having cream in my coffee.  But then I felt like a hypocrite.  So I just decided not to do the Whole30 and enjoy my coffee. 

I have had some many issues since my bout with food poisoning, that I knew I had to do something like the Whole30 to just give my body a break.  So as of today I started the Whole30 and not a touch of coffee, dairy, or wheat have passed my lips.  The wheat I am used to.  It is going to the fridge and reminding myself not to grab that thing of string cheese, that has been hard.

But the worst by far is coffee.  I swear my withdrawal symptoms have been totally freaky.  I have caught myself saying things backwards.  Seriously.  I have been drinking green tea, water, and shooting ibuprofen just to make it through the day.  And even though everyone keeps looking at me like I am on the verge of death and sincerely concerned for my well-being with constant questions of, "Are you ok?  No seriously, are you OK?"  There was a moment today (I think day 3?) that I felt good.  No stomach ache and my mind was clear.

Or maybe that was a dream...

So if you love to listen to me complain and speak nonsense, be sure to follow me on Facebook or Twitter as I give up dairy and coffee. 

Who knows maybe I will feel well enough to actually move next week?

Yeah, right.

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