Thursday, December 18, 2014

{P,H,F,R} Trimming the Tree 2014

Once again, you can marvel at my poor photography skills.  I blame my cave of a living room.  So be prepared for blurry and oddly colored pictures.


We had to but new lights this year because all of our others were half out.  Half, seriosuly!  So we bought these LED ones at Target and now our living room is tie dyed, as you can see above.  I am not sure it is pretty, but we are getting used to it.


Someone insited on helping daddy put the angel on the tree.


Posy, obviously, didn't know what to think of all of this.

 There was a serious argument about whether this cat should go on the tree.  I think it is one of our ugliest ornaments and deserves a place of honor.  I won.

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