Saturday, November 28, 2015

Fitness Friday: Black Friday in the Snow


I don't do Black Friday.  I am not a big crowds kind of person.  In fact, Black Friday shopping sounds like a level of Dante's Inferno to me.  So a few years ago we decided to take off to the woods to get away from the crowds.  A bit of our own rebellion against the commercialization of the season.
This year we headed up to Union Creek, minus only the two oldest who had work and school to tackle.  It was so beautiful and just enough snow to play in but not so much we needed 4 wheel drive.
We went up with some friends, thank goodness, because whatever we lacked or forgot, they had!  I really am the kind of person who should make lists for everything, otherwise I will forget something.

Most importantly we had enough food and hot chocolate to keep the rabble happy... well, except one munchkin who was being a bit of a challenge.  Not even roasted marshmallows could make Posy happy about the cold snow. The other kids, however, were more than happy to eat jumbo marshmallows, make snow angels, and sled down the hill, while we melted snow and magically turned it into beautiful coffee, which was one of the treats I could enjoy guilt free!
Being active doesn't have to happen in a gym or on the treadmill, even in freezing weather!

It was such a wonderful trip.  One of the kinds that makes you grateful for winter.

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