Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Frontier Girls

For the last several years, we have been trying to find activities for our girls.  We were over the moon when we found out that a friend was starting a Frontier Girls group in our area.  Best of all most of the girls in our troop also have brothers in our Cub Scout Pack!  So this would mean that we could combine activities, which for a large family (and smaller ones, for that matter) is a huge blessing!!

Scouting has had such an incredible and positive effect on our family and has blessed us ten times over.  It was so disheartening that there was nothing similar in our area for our girls. 

It has meant the world to the girls and so far they have had so much fun and earned two badges!  The first one was T-shirts, which they designed and made in the first and second meetings. 

We are so blessed to have a new troop lead by this lovely lady above!  It is definitely a thing worth looking into in your area and is a great alternative for girls.

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