Wednesday, December 30, 2015

I have been making more hats than you can even imagine here lately.  It is a tradition around here that everyone gets a hat for Christmas.  Well, I'm still not done.  My poor husband had to wait.  I am almost done though!  And then I will have plans to make something special for Theo's birthday in a month.

The hat, my second Clayoquot Toque,  is made with Knit Picks Swish.  I have learned the very hard way that I should always always always use super wash wool.  There will be tears if I don't and they will all be mine as I pull that hand knit creation from the dryer.

It isn't pretty.

I am trying to read The Privilege of Being a Woman.  I truly love reading.  I have a degree in it.  But, I have a lot of people who need my attention and it is hard to find a quiet moment to read.  Knitting can be done amidst chaos.

I am going to post soon all the hats I made for Christmas.  And believe it or not... I am actually thinking about making on for me!

Did you do any Christmas crafting?

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