Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Me Before Livingston

 This sweater.... I enjoyed it when I started, but I have never knit a sweater from the bottom up.  And I don't think I ever will again!

There must be some secret I am unaware of about those sleeves.  Knitting those tight little corners has become torture.  So it better be worth it.  I have to say if I did not have so much invested in this sweater I would probably scrap it, lol.

So if you know any secrets, let me know in the comments!!

As for the book, I just finished Me Before You.  I really loved this book, even though it was a terrible emotional roller coaster.  I have had to take a break from fiction, that is for sure!  It is a bit controversial as it deals with euthanasia.  I felt however that the author did a good job dealing with a subject that is very hard.  While I have some issues with it, the overall novel is very touching.  Make sure you have a box or two of tissue.

And better hurry up, because they are making it into a movie:

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  1. I just finished that book last week. I was totally sucked into the story within a few chapters, and I really enjoyed it. But I have to say the ending really left me hanging. I felt this large sense of defeat? or nothingness? I'm not really sure. And it is definitely a complex issue to tackle, so I don't know if that was the feeling the author was going for or not.

    1. I agree Anne. It sucked me right in and did feel defeated. Apparently there is a sequel though called After You.

  2. Your sweater is gorgeous. I'm sure it's going to be totally worth it! I just started that book yesterday with no idea that it could be a downer? Oh dear.....

  3. That's a beautiful sweater, if it makes you feel better. ♥ I wouldn't dream of taking it apart. Oh, boy, that book....it was really good, except for the ending, I dreamed it would be a bit more like Jane Eyre. I hadn't seen the movie trailer and think it looks excellent, great choice in acting for both the major roles! Thanks for sharing.

  4. The sweater looks lovely, I'm sure it will be worth it!! I really liked the book, but not sure if the next will live up to it or leave more questions.

  5. The sweater is beautiful. I borrowed that book from the library, but I am really hesitant to start it because the next couple of weeks do not have much reading time involved. Maybe I will read it later when I have more alone time.


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