Friday, April 8, 2016

Fitness Friday: Am I a Hypochondriac or Just Getting Old?

I started Fitness Friday posts to try and keep track of my fitness goals.  Since then there have been a lot of ups and downs - it has never been dull!  So join me every Friday as I share with you my struggles and successes in finding my personal path to wellness.

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I was looking to change my profile picture on Daily Mile the other day when I found this one:

I am not sure how to quite express just how this photo made me feel.  That little hat there in the bottom right hand corner is Theo and that was the fall of 2012. 

I never wanted my photo taken, of course.  I was so uncomfortable all the time.  In these early pictures, I had no idea what the next years would involve and the things I would learn about nutrition and my body.

Ride the Rogue 2012, at the beginning of my journey.  25 miles on a hybrid road bike.  I almost died.
I was so sick.  I knew I was fat, I didn't know I was sick.  It was shortly after this that I discovered I was gluten intolerant and pre-diabetic. 

75 pounds lighter
That was it.  I had to do something.  So I started a strict diet.  I was doing Paleo but included full fat dairy.  I lost 75 lbs.  I was working out 3 to 4 times a week.  Cycling, yoga, and strength training.

And then....

I got pregnant.  Not complaining, but that sent my body into a weird spiral.  I started having problems with dairy.  I was getting sick again, I got gestational diabetes, and put on 50 pounds.  Like some people, I was able to eat grains during my pregnancy but it accounted for most of my weight gain.  When I introduced them back in I actually gained 10 pounds in one week!

Since then my health issues have been such a struggle and the weight has been much harder to get off.  After one exposure to gluten I ended up in the ER.  Other symptoms have gotten worse and new ones arrived.  So I started to fight the weight again.  I have tried introducing things back into my diet with negative results and ended up starting all back at the beginning.  It is a hard to face the fact that my reality with food will never be what it once was.  I will need to avoid grains and dairy for the rest of my life.

I was only about 10 pounds away from my goal when the stresses of life caught up with me and I gave up trying.  I was attempting to exercise but my health and/or injuries always seemed to get in the way.  I have been to the doctor several times, in fact to different kinds of doctors, throughout the last year and a half and it has left me wondering if I am a hypochondriac or just getting old.  They want to test me for Celiac, but that would require actually eating gluten for a period of time and that is not something I am willing to do.

I have lost a total of 40 pounds since my last pregnancy (55 pounds since 2012).  But I still do not feel well.  I have been to the doctor more in the last year and half then I have in ages.  So I know I have to do something more for myself.  I have been toying with the idea of doing The Paleo Approach but truth is I am a bit scared of it and my family fears it is too drastic.

A little inspiration for me to get back to where I was
I do know that seeing that first picture up there reminded me how far I have come.  I have done amazing things in the last 4 years.  I fought the huge demon of food addiction and survived.  I have found out that I am strong and capable of 40 mile bike rides!

So I can grab the bull by the horns and find my healthy again.  

Just see if I don't!


  1. I can so relate to this post, Amy! You can do it ... Let's continue to pray for each other!

  2. I agree with the other Sarah, you can do it! I have gotten back on track and then fallen off a few times since the ole gallbladder was removed. Love you!!!


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