Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Knitting Again

So as you saw last time, I finally received my package and got back to knitting again.  And then... well, we were too busy and in the evenings when I usually knit, I was so tired I would just sit there and watch TV or simply go to sleep.

My mind has been a flurry of thoughts and daydreams, lately.  I feel that happens this time of year.  Maybe it is just the homeschooler side of me?  So, with a mind so occupied you would think knitting would ease that... but I just haven't been.  Shameful I know.

So I am not very far on the Fiona for Sofia.  Her birthday is in August, so I think it might end up being a gift!

I am reading the book All the Light We Cannot See which Bobbi at Revolution of Love highly recommended.  I am enjoying it, but only about 45 pages in.  I have plans on devouring a bit more of it.  I was getting into a show, but it is just too racy, sadly.  I love the storyline and kept watching it even though it was rather, ummm... flagrant, but the soft core porn aspect of it is making it impossible to watch anymore.  I guess anything made by HBO, Starz, or whatnot is not on the safe list.  It really is very disappointing since they do so much from history, which I love.  But these shows make late night television in Europe look like Dora the Explorer.  So I will be back to reading.  Much safer!

Joining up with Ginny and Nicole!

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  1. I enjoyed the book both the story and the writing style :) Can't wait to see what you think. lovely knitting in the photo!!


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