Friday, June 3, 2016

Fitness Friday: Groove is in the Run, Baby

Memorial Day totally threw me.  Did you know it is Friday?  I know!

I have been wanting to share with you something I learned about 3 weeks ago when I (re)started the Couch25K.  Music is very, very important.  I have tried to watch shows... too much jumping around to see it screen really.  I have tried prayer... it was a practise in suffering.  I have tried podcasts... when they say something really good, it is hard to stop it and listen again.

Honestly it is music.  You need good music.

Music that will make you look like this when you run.  
Another reason to not run outside, people  might call the police.

**Prepare for frustrated rant**
This was a problem for me however because I had bought a new computer.  Did you know that the people at Apple thought it was a good idea to make it almost impossible to get your paid for downloaded music unless you give them money?  Yeah, I wasn't impressed either.  When we got our new computer one of my kids logged on and rightfully signed into their Apple ID and downloaded their music.  This meant, however (thank you Apple for holding my tunes hostage), that I had to wait 90 days to download mine.  And that would mean that anyone else, say my husband, would have to wait an additional 90 days to download his, and so on.

I also couldn't just use my old iPhone 5C because when I updated it... I lost all my music.  Great huh?  And my old computer was of out of date that I could not sync my 5C to it.
***Rant Over***

Tragedy I know.  Are you still with me?  Sorry for complaining.  But this made listening to music nearly impossible and I like music.

After all this is when I discovered Amazon Music.  Ok, did that sound like an ad or what?  Sorry.  Anyway, if you are a prime member you can get FREE music.  Now, I like FREE.  FREE is my favorite.  I didn't know this existed.  The funny thing is that old albums I bought from the 90's were already on there.  So if I felt nostalgic I could totally listen to the Spanish Shakira album I bought or Marc Anthony.

On the app there are playlists available and that is when I discovered 80's Music for Runners!  It was awesome.  There were a few songs I skipped (during the walking part, I don't think I am coordinated enough to do it while running yet).  It was amazing!  I giggled every time a new song came on.  It was kind of fun not knowing what was coming next.

Since then I have explored on there and was able to sync it with the 3 Taylor Swift songs I do have in My Music, and created my own playlist.  I know good music is selective, but here are some of my favorite upbeat tunes to run too.  I am still tweaking it.  I would eventually like to be able to put it on shuffle and find no music that is too long or too slow.


So there you have it!  My upbeat running playlist for this week.  The fun thing about this too, well, I think, is I could essentially have a new playlist every week and it would cost me nothing, other than my prime membership which also gives me free TV and 2 day shipping. Oh, now that did sound like an ad.

I was a little bit overly excited to find Groove is in the Heart.  Do you remember that song?  OH MY GOODNESS.  Here is the video, because people, the video is so De Groovy:

Now that you have that stuck in your head... go for a run!


  1. Music is very important to my workout, and I LOVE my playlist - lots of 80's and 90's. I have a very strong love for some 70's too and I add those in. My adult kids tease me about my playlist outing me as a bad mother, but I reassure them that I will never let go of my love of music ALLLL music!

    1. Oh now I want to see your playlist! Come on, now, I showed you mine, now you show me yours! ;)

  2. I've heard that Apple Music is the worst at stealing your music and holding it hostage! I'd be furious.I'm glad you have your playlist ready, but I'm not going for a run with that song stuck in my head! ;-)

  3. Great playlist!! What is this app you speak of? I too enjoy free music!


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