Friday, June 10, 2016

Fitness Friday: Run Journal

So, the other day I thought, "Gee, I am about halfway through my C25K.  I'm going to journal right after my run, sweat still dripping down my forehead, exactly what I am thinking after my runs for a week."

I am hoping it will be somewhat entertaining... although, it might be horrifically boring.  Shall we see?

C25K: Week 3 Day 3
June 3, 2016
2.6 miles

Before and after my run
My upper body is a bit sore.  But it feels good.  No I am not a sadist.  Geesh.  I am often surprised by the things that I feel after a run.  My legs never hurt.  Well not anymore.  Maybe they did when I first tried to do a C25K.  Not anymore.  My legs feel like they could go forever and ever.  My legs feel like, yes, you could do a marathon, whatever, no biggie.

My lungs?  Not so much.  There was a point in the middle when my lungs felt like they were growing smaller and smaller every step I ran.  I would look at the clock on the app and think, can I keep breathing for 1:07 minutes?

But there was that beautiful minute there at the end when I realized that the cool down was moments away.  I could almost see it.

 If I can just find a rhythm I think I might be able to conquer the world.

C25K: Week 4 Day 1
June 6, 2016
2.6 miles

Food.  Food.  FOOD!

It is going to be so hot today so I just jumped on the treadmill before it got unbearably hot.  I should have eaten at least an hour before though.  When I first started my stomach was calling me an idiot.  Which was very annoying.

By the end when I was actually able to add an extra 2 minute run and I saw that I went as far as I did last week, I felt much better.

I am a beast.  A very hungry beast.

C25K: Week 4 Day 2
June 8, 2016
2.5 miles

So I have to start by explaining something.  I hurt myself last run.  I didn't realize until later in the day when I tried to sit down and my knee felt like knife went right under my knee cap.  SO, I decided I should ice it and slow down a bit.

This run I did a slower walk and a slower run and it was so much better!  I am going to get a knee brace (I have an old knee injury from high school, and that should help).  I had so much more fun, my breathing was controlled, and I feel awesome!!

I added only 2 min extra to the app for a total of three 5 minute runs and one 3 minute run.

C25K: Week 4 Day 3... HALFWAY DONE!
June 10, 2016
2.38 miles

I feel so good right now.  SO GOOD.  I can't even tell you.  I have had to slow down, which means less milage, but the fact that I feel this good and feel like I could keep going is worth it.  Halfway through my run today, I had this thought.  What if the person I was a year ago could see me right in this moment.  Actually smiling while I am running.  If that Amy could see this Amy, she would be so proud!  She would think how amazing it is that I can do this and love doing this.  That I am strong and able and more than willing!  If that Amy, a year ago, could know that she would be able to run a mile without blinking an eye, would know that she COULD run more than a mile, she would be overcome with joy and encouragement.

Those thoughts made me feel so proud and confident.  I don't know, there was just this moment of thinking, you know, no matter what crap is going on in my life right now, no matter how confused I feel about this or that, right there when I am running, I am accomplishing something.  In that moment I know who I am.  I am a confident, strong, and able to do amazing things.

I can't wait to see what more I can do.


  1. So proud of you. Love the progress!

  2.! This is wonderful! Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this... quick question for you: what do you do on your 'off' days? do you walk? nothing? weights? just curious. I am hoping to get back to this and have always had a difficult time with running and not running days.
    Thank you


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