Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Knitting This and That

I thought I would join in with Nicole (Keep Calm and Craft On) and Ginny (yarn along) this week for a little knitting fun and show you what I am up to... well and not up to, too.

I love the little dress I am working on for Sofia, but it being a size 6 and fingering weight yarn, it is taking its toll on me.  I have to admit I got a little bored and knowing that I have a whole other side to make is really making me a little sad knitter.  

I figured a break might be in order and I had ordered this really lovely yarn from Knit Picks awhile back.  It is the same kind of yarn as the Fiona tunic but this time I'm making socks!  I wanted something fairly simple and I have made Hermione's Everyday Socks before.  I thought this yarn (Koi Pond) in particular would look great with this pattern.

As for reading, I am still working on The Lady of the Rivers.  I am really loving this book; this is a period in history I really enjoy.  I did a lot of research on Henry V in my school years for various reports, and such, and this takes place after his reign, with his son.  I am also motivated to get through the series as they are making another mini-series out of the books, so my goal is to get through the series before the show comes out... or at least not watch it till I have read them all!

 So, what are you all up to?  Any good books?  Knitting up a storm and putting me to shame?


  1. I love the yarn! That is really beautiful! I am listening to The Book Thief right now, and I am enjoying it! My knitting has been waning a bit as I am a Tour de Fleece participant - but my spinning is productive!

  2. I love the yarn that you are using for your socks. So colorful. I like the color of that dress also. I am sure your little sock break will help you get back to that pretty dress.


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