Thursday, July 7, 2016

{p,h,f,r} What a Week!

What a week!  Other than running my very first ever 5K there were great adventures with friends and more.



After my run, I had to come home, shower, and get dressed and head out to our Frontier Girl Troop's bake sale.  It was a huge success.  I made gluten free brownies and chocolate chip cookies.


That evening we were invited to some dear friend's of ours for a BBQ and some fireworks!  The kids had so much fun and so did I!


Someone didn't seem to impressed by the fireworks at first, but she warmed up when she got cuddles from her big sister Mary.


Maybe this one should have gone under funny.  But the truth is I am in REAL trouble.  I thought I would be so handy and trim the tree in our front yard.  I am terrified of being on the high rungs of a ladder, so imagine me up there with a hand saw, working away, until the saw got stuck and I was shaking.  Anyway... the tree people are coming on Monday.  


  1. Yikes! Rest assured I get myself into lots of capers just like your saw/branch because of my tendency to DIY. Congratulations on the 5k, and yum the bake sale looks fantastic. By far my favorite photo though is the one of the little ones gathered together to watch the fireworks!

  2. good luck with the tree! And congrats on the 5K


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