Friday, December 23, 2016

{FF}: Ode to my Christmas Waistline

Christmas is in just a few days
The house is bursting in so may ways
Much to my greatest dismay.

My clothes are too tight,
It just isn't right!
I fight it with all of my might.

But inside the fridge
Something is pushing me over the ridge,
Calling me to binge, binge, binge, binge!

Sugar-laden treats
My lips long to meet.
I am starting to not see my feet.

Cookies, candies and sweet, sweet fudge
Making it so that I can not budge
Through the door without a good budge.

I cannot seem to say no
Like a Space Shuttle I go
Soaring to the kitchen on my tip toes

The kids cannot see
How gluttonous I be
Maybe I should just make some tea...

But I can still see a light,
I must keep up the fight,
There is hope in site.

Soon the chimes will ring
The ball will be dropping
Heralding a new beginning

I will set into motion
A new plan of action...
Thank goodness for New Year's resolutions.

Merry Christmas!  
May your food be tasty and your pants loose!

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