Friday, December 2, 2016

Fitness Friday: Going a Little Bit Crazy

As I sit here writing this long overdue Fitness Friday post, I am indulging in Justin's Organic Peanut Butter Cups and a hot cup of coffee with canned coconut milk.

Yup, I'm off the dairy again.  And to top it all off I haven't eaten meat in... 3 days.  You might be thinking a few things, like, "Amy there are trace amounts of milk in those PB cups."  Yea I know.  I am choosing to pretend there isn't.  Or you might be thinking, "Amy, where did you get that coffee cup?"  Target, on clearance.

Oh wait?  The no meat part?

Yeah, I like to get a little crazy once in awhile.  But you all knew that.  This is what happens when you watch documentaries on Netflix or Amazon.  Then you watch another and another, and soon just touching those pork chops you are making for dinner kind of make you want to gag. It isn't pretty.

About 13 years ago I did the vegetarian thing and it did me no favors.  Looking back it probably had a lot to do with the increased wheat intake and the beginning of my gluten intolerance.  It did not last long.  Who knows, this might not either.

Truth is, I am a bit burned out on meat.  Being Paleo, or pretty darn close, for the last few years I have had my fill of bacon.  I know... how is that possible?  I am a bit surprised myself.

I have been spending way too much time on Pinterest, pinning a billion recipes.

I also chatted a bit with this great blogger and mom, Kathy, who gave me lots of great advice.

I have also been doing yoga.  I know.  I am sounding a bit like that JP Sears guy.  Stay tuned and maybe I will have lots of great advice on living spiritually and, you know, all that jazz.

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