Monday, December 12, 2016

O Christmas Tree 2016

 The other day we all piled into the Silver Beast, aka our 12 passenger van, and headed out to the local u-cut tree place.  We go there every year, I think it is because the eldery lady there flirts terribly with Tony.  Every year she asks if we have been before and he says yes we have.  She then lays her hand on his arm and says, "I knew I recognized you, Handsome."  Don't worry, I think it is kind of funny.

This year, a certain young lady decided she was too big to hold my hand... so most of my trip to the tree farm looked like this:

She had a blast and kept carrying branches around until one poked her in the eye.

I don't know if we were being overly picky this year, but we had a hard tim finding the right one.  We found a lot of not right ones, like the one everyone wanted to sit in:

Or a nice little small one:

But the day was gorgeous and perfect for walking around  and enjoying the view.

We eventually found the perfect tree and Liam, on his first day as a teenager no less, crawled down on the ground and got to work.

There is the lady in the green coat who keeps trying to steal my man
And then the adventure of strapping it to the top of the beast.

Again, Eva had to be independent... 

The greatest miracle of the day was that we actually knew where our tree stand was!  So it was even up the same day and ready to be decorated!

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