Friday, March 3, 2017

Mercury Socks

I did it!  I did it... again!  I finished a pair of socks!!

I am really starting to love this process and the idea of actually having a million pairs of my own hand knit socks.

I even made all my family let me trace their feet on cardboard, so that I could make them socks too.

I am a little giddy about this folks.

As for the Mercury Socks by Kim Drotar, I will definitely make another pair someday.  I am not sure I liked it with the yarn I chose though (Madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light in Holi Festival).  I loved the yarn and the color was so fun, but it was not that easy to knit with those shop needles.  It kept separating and such.  The lady at the yarn store recommend it when I said I was looking for a speckle yarn to make socks.  But I think it was really the only speckle they had.  Anyway, They are lovely, if not very matchy-matchy.  Hmmm, I sound like I am complaining too much.  I really do love them and I am excited that they are done.  I think, however, that this yarn would have looked better knit as a plain vanilla sock.

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  1. Congratulations! I think those are adorable. Less than ideal socks are fine since they mostly don't show under pants and shoes. :-)

    Where did you find your sock mojo? I scored enough sock yarn for 9 pairs last night at the parish yard sale. $9 for a shopping bag full of yarn! There were about 6 cardboard boxes full of yarn---too bad most of it was just blah acrylic. Anyway, I need to get started knitting socks!


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